Hi, Princess Pearl here! Well I tell you we finally got a little winter out here on the ranch! It snowed sideways for about two days straight! We had snow drifts that were over 7 feet tall! It was so much fun all my brothers (even Stewie the kitty) were all outside jumping and playing in the snow drifts! Daddy has been out snow plowing and trying to get the roads clean so everyone can come out to see our new girls! We received in ten female beagles last week and boy are they nice! They love to play and I have a picture of one of the new girls playing in the snow with her ears flying! This is what freedom looks like playing, snoozing in the sun and being loved! If you haven’t been to Kindness Ranch you really need to come out here, even if you just want to relax and get away from it all. We are a tranquil calm place where you can come to unwind, relax and even just come play with us it’s what we do best!

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