Hi from Princess Pearl!

I hope everyone is out smelling the flowers and frolicking in the grass, beautiful weather is here and we all know what that means….long naps in the sunshine!

Kindness Ranch always has special animals whom are looking for a home. I wanted to talk a bit about Nola. Nola is a very special girl she had a hard time with humans at first when she came here. She had a special friend named Sophie but Sophie got adopted before Nola. Nola was sad for a bit, it’s always hard when you lose a friend. Nola didn’t really bond with the other dogs here as I think she was a bit frightened after her friend left.

One day a wonderful Lady named Lynn read about Kindness Ranch and reached out to us to see if we had anyone that we thought would be a good fit for her. We sent Lynn pictures of Nola and it was instant love. Lynn made arrangements to fly to Denver and then drive to the ranch.

Nola had always been hesitant about people before but not this time. Nola flew home with Lynn and has settled into her forever, loving home. If a picture speaks a thousand words then this picture must be a million.

Love is what changes the world, and it is easier than you think to start change. Thoughts become words, words become actions and action changes the world. Let’s change the world for the rest of the beautiful animals here waiting for their homes, spread the word! Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary changing the world for former research/lab animals.

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