Let me introduce myself, my name is Pearl, well to be technical it is Princess Pearl, Empress Pearl, you get the drift! I am the most fabulous Beagle ever. Seriously, I am, well that’s what my mommy and daddy tell me as I prance about the house!

Anyhow, as you can tell, I am now the ruler of my roost, the queen of the castle, but most importantly I am Princess Pearl of Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary. It is as fabulous as I am!

We are in the beautiful hills of Wyoming and I have more grass, butterflies and sunshine to catch then I ever have. You see, my story started out sadly, as soon as I was old enough they took me to a research facility. I was very scared, I wanted my mommy and she wasn’t there. Over time, I got used to it. I didn’t know any other life so I tried to be as happy as I could.

Then one day I was taken out of my crate and put into a new one, this one I didn’t know, I was very scared. I was in a van with 8 other Beagles I had seen through the cage wire. Where were we going? I could hear fewer and fewer cars, there was less noise and then we stopped. There were a lot of happy people there with big smiles on their faces! What was this place? Then it happened, for the first time ever I stepped on GRASS! Then I felt the warm light of the sun shine on me. I was still afraid but I knew this was a good place!

I was so happy, I had this huge yard to play in with the other beagles, it was amazing! There were always people there petting us and playing with us it was so amazing. One day this lady came in (she was there when I was brought here), kept coming to see me and I heard them talking, I wondered what was to happen next? The nice lady (she smelled like dog so she must be nice), took me to another house only a few minutes away, and there were other beagles there, and this black spotted dog there. We played and played and fell asleep on the couch with the other beagles. Then I just never left! This is my home!

I have 2 Beagle brothers, 1 border collie brother and 1 some sort of weird furry thing that they call a cat! I rule all members of the family, I am the smallest, daintiest beagle but I wield a mighty power! I control the toy distribution, the sleeping positions on the bed, who gets what blanket and basically any other thing that I choose to claim. I have a delicate dainty bark, but it is not often that the males of the home do not fall in line with one gaze of my eye.

My oldest brother Grammar was also a research dog, he is 8 and very distinguished, he should have gone to college. My brother Sam is a border collie who just never stops, he doesn’t know the meaning of bed time, he is 6. I am 3 years of awesomeness, and you will learn just how wonderful Kindness Ranch is! My youngest brother Bud, should have been called, bull or tank, no personal space at all with this boy! He is almost 2, so let’s hope he grows up! Then there is mommy and well, I don’t think I should say her age, mommy is all warm and fuzzy and I love her alot. Then DADDY!! I love my daddy more than anything else, yes even my favorite toy. Every night when he comes home I crawl into his lap for belly rubs, kisses and then I get to fall asleep in his lap, safe, loved and most importantly home.

There are a lot of wonderful stories to tell about life on the Ranch, and I hope you check in every week for the updates of Princess Pearl the Beagle Girl!!

Appointments are REQUIRED in advance to visit Kindness Ranch. Please make appointments with minimum of 48 hours notice to ensure we will be able to accommodate your visit. Thank you!