Barnyard Animal Caretaker

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Kindness Ranch is currently seeking a passionate, motivated, and qualified candidate to join our animal care team as a Barnyard Animal Caretaker. The primary duties of this position include the direct care of all barnyard animals, including horses, sheep, pigs, cows, and others as needed, maintaining barnyard facilities and assisting with landscaping duties, and supervising volunteers.
The ideal candidate will be a happy, hard-working, passionate animal lover with the experience and skills to both complement and enhance our current team. Kindness Ranch has done great work in the past and we want to do even better in the future – but we can only do so with the right people on board!
PLEASE NOTE: This is not a training position and candidates must meet minimum requirements to be considered.
Barnyard Animal Caretaker duties include, but are not limited to:
• Maintaining the health and welfare of all animals including horses, cows, pigs, sheep and other barn yard animals; maintaining the integrity of enclosures and report abnormalities to supervisor;
• Maintaining high standards of cleanliness in all enclosures and in all other areas;
• Preparing food/diets and feeding all animals according to dietary guidelines, schedules, researching proper nutrition requirements for animals as assigned;
• Observing animals for signs of illness or injury; administering medications or treatments to ill/injured animals under direction from the Veterinarian, capturing, moving and transporting animals to the Veterinarian and assisting with examinations/surgeries performed on property;
• Maintaining awareness of the needs of animals in different temperatures and address seasonal changes;
• Providing psychological and physical enrichment to animals at the sanctuary.
• Inventory of food products, medications, medical equipment and supplies and organizing storage and stocking supplies; Reporting needs to supervisor
• Cleaning kitchen, common areas, storage areas, pens, cages and other areas;
• Repairing and renovating existing animal’s pens and other sanctuary facilities and assisting in the construction of new pens/facilities as well as performing landscaping/ground keeping duties;
• Assisting with removal of snow from road ways, in front of buildings and animal’s structures as needed. Familiarity with large equipment like tractors, back hoes and plows
• Mentor interns and volunteers to be able to provide excellent quality care and other duties as assigned;
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Completion of a high school diploma at a minimum; a Bachelor’s degree in biology, zoology, wildlife science, or related field highly preferred;
• Possession of a valid drivers’ license and clean driving record;
• Special consideration given to those with experience working with under socialized horses, or other large animals a plus as well as handling ability or experience with other animals;
• Good observational and organizational skills;
• Ability to follow directions and record observations;
• Reliable attendance is essential to providing optimum animal care;
• Strong communication and customer service skills;
• Support our mission;
• Basic computer and internet skills, including use of email and word processing and database software;
• Willingness and capability to live in a remote location with minimal services.
Basic Physical Requirements:
• Ability to stand and/or walk for significant periods of time.
• Must be able to bend and squat, and move/lift 70lbs un assisted;
• Must be able to work occasional long hours (up to 12 hours a day) and be able to work outdoors in temperatures ranging from 100+ to -20 or more.
• Ability to work energetically and throughout the day with people and animals.
The Barnyard Animal Caretaker is also expected to have read and meet or exceed the standards set forth in the Essential Capabilities of Employees document (see below).
Salary, Benefits, and Schedule
The Barnyard Animal Caretaker is an exempt position with a beginning annual salary of around $20,000.
Benefits include rent-free, semi-private on-site housing, including basic utilities (electric, water, propane, TV and internet), and two (2) weeks of paid time off per year (accumulated by the pay period).
The Barnyard Animal Caretaker should expect a varied and flexible schedule to include days, nights, weekends, and holidays.
Interested in applying? We can’t wait to hear from you! Please complete the following steps:
1) Review the complete Essential Capabilities of Employees document to ensure your complete understanding of the duties and expectations of the position.
2) Submit your cover letter, resume, and professional references by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Include the job title in your subject line.
Applicants chosen for an initial interview will be contacted for the next steps. Please note that the interview process will include a working interview/site visit as the last step for the chosen top candidates.
The job is considered open until this posting is removed.
References will be contacted. Position is subject to employment verification and criminal background check.
Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary is an Equal Opportunity Employer.