Gracie Noelle

gracie1 Gracie Noelle started out as the quiet, reserved one of her bunch, hanging back from the crowd and exploring the yard by herself. But underneath that compact, calm exterior is a little firecracker waiting to show her true colors. At just under three years old, this girl can be playful and bossy, and your whole neighborhood will know when something’s going on – what a howl! She is still a bit apprehensive about receiving affection, but she’s learning to trust and will need a patient family to give her the time and space she needs. We’ll give you a hint, though – she can’t turn down a treat! Because she was used in dog nutrition studies, though, the treats and her meals need to be carefully managed so that she can lose some weight. Of course, daily walks and play time in the yard will help, too! We are happy to get her started on this journey, but when the right person comes along that can see through her tough-girl act and give her a forever home, we will gladly send her on her way!


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