Bruce and Wiley

dsc06040 Bruce and Wiley were adopted on 10/5/2009

Road Trip!

A new retiree, Debra Severson of Indiana came to Kindness Ranch to volunteer for six weeks as one of her first post-work adventures. As any animal lover might predict, she and her husband, Steve, are going home with much more than memories. After several sleepovers, Debra and Steve fell in love with Bruce and Wiley.

dsc06028 It has been a long journey for Bruce and Wylie. They came from Montcalm Animal Control in Michigan. They were at risk of being picked up by a Class B dealer and sold into research. With the help of volunteers in Michigan, we brought them from the pound to the ranch in the spring. The beagles adjusted well to life on the ranch and bonded tightly with Debra. We have no doubt they are thoroughly enjoying the road trip home to their new life in Indiana!

Bruce and Wylie will be treasured members of the family. Debra’s devotion to animals was evident every day during her six week volunteer stay at the ranch. Her husband, Steve, has a special spot for beagles as well. When their last beloved beagle, Rosie, was ill with cancer, he drove her two hours each way for treatments several days of the week.

Bruce and Wylie came to the pound in Michigan separately. They made a long journey together from Michigan to Wyoming and now to Indiana. They became good friends and now are part of a family. We know this last leg to their forever home will be filled with fun and love.



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