adopted-ginger Ginger was adopted on 7/25/2011

Tough Decisions!

The Martin family came to Kindness Ranch in the hopes of finding a special new addition for their family. They live close to the sanctuary on a ranch of their own, and have helped with a sanctuary dog in the past. Knowing of their love for animals, staff members collectively held their breath wondering if Sabrina, Matt, and their twins, Whitney and Bailey, would fall in love with one of the dogs. It turned out to be a tough decision given how many sweet dogs we have, but the Martins felt a very special connection with Ginger, a four year old hound mix previously involved in teaching and research at a major university. From Ginger’s posture and playfulness, it was clear she felt the same.

After the decision was made, staff members went to the Martin’s home to see how things were coming along. Ginger was calm and happy sitting next to Matt’s feet. She followed Whitney around the house, and appeared to enjoy a very special sunny spot in front of sliding glass doors. The whole family was gathered round, happily watching Ginger settle into her new life. Despite the newness of the people, her first car ride to their home, and the different environment, Ginger looked like she felt a growing sense of belonging. The Martins seem to have the special touch that Ginger needs.

We have no doubt that Ginger will enjoy being a member of this kind and caring family. Ginger has a great love for playing with balls and rolling in the grass. She adores cuddles and attention with a passion. At the Martin’s ranch, long walks, balls, and lots of petting are clearly in her future.



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