adopted-isabella Isabella was adopted on 9/22/2010

Hound Heaven!

When Isabella arrived at the ranch, we immediately learned two things make her absolutely joyful – cuddles and pillows. Now, if you cuddle her while she is on the pillow, life is absolutely heavenly to Isabella. In fact, when visitors and staff came to pay attention to Isabella, she would frequently run and leap onto her pillow so she could experience both favorite activities at once. This weekend, Isabella, formerly used in teaching and research, was adopted by Nigel and Jacqueline Aves of Longmont, Colorado. Having had a life long love for hounds, they knew just how to prepare for Isabella’s arrival.

Isabella was overjoyed by their welcome cuddle, introduction to her own fenced in yard with shade and flowers, and, yes, her very own large pillow. She seems not to even mind her new 18 year old cat friend, Bonkers (supposedly appropriately named, but he was quite pleasant in our presence).

Isabella was purpose bred for research and then used in teaching and research for three years. Students walked Isabella during her time at the university. While at Kindness Ranch, she would greet visitors and staff with great friendliness. Her desire to have a special family was patently obvious in the way she would press her body into your leg on a walk.

Isabella will delight in the attention to be found in the Aves home. Nigel and Jacqueline have flexible schedules, and someone is almost always home. Nigel has always loved hounds and has owned four over the course of his life. Both Jacqueline and Nigel were deeply saddened by the recent loss of their last hound due to old age. Together, they understand and appreciate the hound qualities that make them endearing companions, but also a breed that is more vulnerable to following their nose and getting lost. Hounds are intelligent dogs who often have a mind of their own.

Congratulations, Isabella, Nigel, and Jacqueline! Thank you for providing love and companionship to a Kindness Ranch dog.



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