Just what is a cat??

Jumper, the cat. Resident of Kindness Ranch and up for adoption! Cats can be so fun! A soft ball of fur with four legs. A purring machine who loves basking in the sun. A low-maintenance pet with a playful, silly side; if you have a loose shoelace, watch out…your cat just might be waiting to grab it!

Cats can also be mysterious. They can be aloof and seem to ignore their human friends. Offer up the wrong kind of food for dinner and prepare to be snubbed! These things make our companion cats all the more fun to have in our lives. They seem to be masters at capturing our imagination and our affection.

Why do cats live with us? In ancient times, humans used dogs for hunting. Cats didn’t come into favor until 7,000 or 8,000 years ago. This is when we started to settle down and needed help with rodent control in homes and food storage areas like granaries. It’s thought that cats learned to adopt humans as much as humans learned to adopt them! Today in the United States, there are over 90 million cats in 34% of homes.

At Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary, we have some great cats looking for new homes. See our website for profiles of our fabulous felines: www.KindnessRanch.org. We’re located just north of Hartville on Highway 270. If you’d like to come by for a look, please let us know when. Contact Vicki at 307-331-0445 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And if you’re looking for a dog, we have some canines for your consideration too!

Larry Finds Fur-Ever Home in Colorado

larry-adoption resize Another happy ending at Kindness Ranch! Larry (also known as Yarfy) has found his fur-ever home in Northern Colorado. His new fur-parents Marty and Cathy anxiously awaited his arrival, volunteer-intern Kate Brunner delivered Larry to his new family on Saturday, and they have renamed him Archer.

Archer came to Kindness Ranch in May from a lab in Colorado, he used in a fat study.

Peace 4 Paws Adopting Two Kindness Ranch Beagles

jed-and-barney resize Peace 4 Paws a non profit organization located in New Jersey, will be traveling to Kindness Ranch in mid September to adopt Barney and Jed, two of Kindness Ranch’s beagles. Peace 4 Paws is dedicated in supporting sanctuary and forever homes for the animals retired from use in research and related fields by mounting fundraising events centered around yoga, music or animal friendly activities and through student outreach.

Barney and Jed will be their first direct adoptions. They will travel back to New Jersey and will be fostered by one of their board members until a fur-ever home is found in their area. This cooperative effort gives us a opportunity to seek fur-ever homes on the east coast.

Barney is a 5 year old Beagle, he is very sweet, enjoys going on walks and does well with children and other dogs. He is known by the staff at Kindness Ranch as “Grandma Barney” simply because of his character.

Jed is a 6 year old beagle, and it’s all about Jed! He constantly has a smile on his face, extremely affectionate and friendly and loves his walks. He is a goof-ball, lots of character, does well with other dogs and children.

Both of these guys are happily waiting for their fur-ever homes and excited about their new journeys!

barney 1 resize happy-jed resize

Kindness Ranch Facebook Star Libby Finds Her Fur-ever Home

libby Libby came to Kindness Ranch in late June from a research lab in Northern Colorado, she was previously used in a PK study.

She arrived at Kindness Ranch without a name, in some cases the labs will give dogs nicknames while they are in the lab. So, being “nameless” we posted a naming contest on our Facebook page over the July 4th holiday weekend. In a overwhelming response and show of support, and some very great suggestions for naming this sweet little beagle, our awesome fans selected Libby (short for Liberty) as her new name!

This past weekend, Libby found her fur-ever home in Colorado with Bernie, his daughter and their fur-kid “Disco.”  They have re-named her Lilly!

Libby-adoption 1-333x250

They are really happy with Lilly, and she is adjusting well in her new fur-ever home.
Another success story, happy beagle and fur-family!


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