Five Little Piggies Arrive at Kindness Ranch

new-pigs We have five new residents at Kindness Ranch! The long anticipated five Hartford Pigs finally arrived this week. All five are one year old females, weighing about 90 lbs when they are fully grown they will weight approx 180 lbs. They came from a lab in Northern Colorado, and were used in a PK study.

It was quite the adventure in getting these five little piggies. Last week, our Ranch Manager David Sleeper traveled to Colorado to pick them up. Turns out, the timing wasn’t the best as it was the day the Colorado floods devastated the area of Northern Colorado. Needless to say, David was stuck down in Colorado, the roads were closed and the pigs were going to have to stay put at the lab for the time being. Luckily they were all safe and sound. The adventure to pick up the pigs began again this week, they were picked up on Wednesday and made it safe and sound back to the ranch and were greeted by staff and four visiting volunteers.

The five pigs had never been all together before, they had been separated 3 and 2 together, so it made the process very interesting to say the least. It took some working it out among themselves, but now they seem to be getting along well.

We still need to name them all, thinking the “javelina” sisters fits them well! They are feisty, athletic and full of energy!

Their introduction to freedom, exploring new things and a huge play area are all part of their new day at Kindness Ranch!

new-pigs 1 new-pigs 2 new-pigs 3 new-pigs 4



Two Beagle Brothers Reunited at Kindness Ranch

landon-adoption Landon has been reunited with his brother Rube and finds his fur-ever home with Richard, Amber and their lovely daughter Jaidan from Southern Wyoming.

Landon and his brother Rube (previously known as Coti) came to Kindness Ranch together from the lab. Rube was adopted soon after arrival by Richard and Amber.  They recently decided they had more room in their lives to adopt another dog, and choose to come back to Kindness Ranch to adopt another beagle. Landon was undoubtedly the obvious first choice, and he thought so to! He was a very happy little beagle today, excitingly jumping into the vehicle with his new fur-family!

Luckily for us, they live just a hour or so away and have come back to Kindness Ranch several times to visit since adopting Rube. Now, we will get to visit with both Rube and Landon on the many future visits!

Congrats to Landon on his new fur-ever home and family!

landon-adoption 1

Five New Beagles Come to Kindness Ranch

5 new beagles waiting to leave their kennel and experience freedom! Kindness Ranch has 5 new beagles! We picked up 5 male beagles this week from a lab in Colorado. All of the beagles have lived in the lab most of their lives and were in a PK study (Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies, PK studies are used to test human drugs in dogs to determine how fast the drug is absorbed.) They are all 8 years old, adorable, very social and love attention! They had a great time exploring, checking things out, greeting their new friends and loving the attention, oh yea and being lap dogs! These boys are definitely anxious for their fur-ever homes!
We are thrilled to introduce to you Gordon, Gandondorf, Forge, Tulo and Gouda!



Gordon & Forge debating on leaving kennel Meet Gordon Meet Gandonorf Meet Tulo Meet Forge



Help Kindness Ranch With Critical Equipment Needed!

ETA-6-VALUE-SB-3 The end of August is upon us, fire season is here and before we know it winter will be just around the corner!

Kindness Ranch is located on a 1000 acres in S. Wyoming. So far this week we have had 4 separate fires breakout very near the ranch due to the severe thunderstorms we had on Sunday, August 18th. Lightening was striking all around us, we witnessed a strike hit the hill above the ranch on our neighbor’s property, and within minutes a pine tree was on fire! Across the road was another fire. On Tuesday, winds kicked up and smoldering from a lightning strike, flamed up and here comes two more fires! These were to the west of us and nearby, luckily the winds didn’t change directions. All of the fires were put out quickly, we have been very lucky and very appreciative of our local fire departments (mostly volunteers!) for doing such an incredible job protecting the community and forests.d the corner! Kindness Ranch needs your help!

snow Here is how we need your help! Our rear blade on our farm tractor has ceased and is not repairable. We have more fire lines to make along our roads and new brush to be cleared out of the horse corrals. This blade is a critical part of our fire mitigation, clearing weeds along roadsides and corrals, maintaining our gravel roads all over the ranch, and it is our snow plow during bad winter storms! This last spring in April, we had a storm that brought 2 feet of snow overnight!

This equipment assists us with so many critical aspects in keeping our facilities for our animals accessible and safe. Right now fire is the most immanent danger to our sanctuary. 

What we need: 8 foot wide rear blade for farm tractor, rugged enough to match 75 HP tractor. Estimated Cost $1,100.00

fire-8-20-340x226 If you can help make this happen, please consider making a donation to Kindness Ranch for our Tractor Fund by sending in a donation via, our website at, calling us with a credit card number, or mail to Kindness Ranch 854 State Highway 270 Hartville, WY 82215. Please make sure to identify with your donation that it is for the tractor fund (if you mail write on envelope!)

If you have any questions, please visit our website at and contact us.

From all the fur-kids at Kindness Ranch, THANK YOU for your continued support and assistance!

Appointments are REQUIRED in advance to visit Kindness Ranch. Please make appointments with minimum of 48 hours notice to ensure we will be able to accommodate your visit. Thank you!