Kindness Ranch Receives FreeKibble Donation

IMG 0871 resize The Kindness Ranch: American Sanctuary for Research Animals was awarded a very generous donation from of 5000 meals, which amounts to 1075 pounds of Halo Spots Stew kibble, a all natural and holistic kibble for both dogs and cats. The donation was a result from the September issue of Dog Fancy Magazine, that highlighted a story about Kindness Ranch. The kibble was delivered by FedEx on October 18th, as the driver came down the driveway staff were standing by excitingly awaiting the delivery. was launched in 2008 and has helped feed over 10 million meals to homeless dogs and cats in shelters, rescues and food-banks across the country.

We unloaded the boxes of cat kibble first, as our 19 cats stood by eagerly awaiting, well actually it was more rambunctiously awaiting! They could smell the kibble through the bags and were all over us and the boxes before we could unpack!  As we began to pull the bags from the boxes, the cats decided it was explore time, jumping into the boxes to check it out for themselves, since we apparently were not moving quickly enough for them.  Animal Caretaker Mary Miles, opens a bag and begins to fill up bowls, and what a cat pile to get to the bowls! They couldn’t get to it fast enough and the feast began! Of course, the boxes then became toys and playtime of hide and seek games were next on their agenda.

The Kindness Ranch: American Sanctuary for Research Animals is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is supported by donations from private individuals and grants, this donation from will tremendously offset our monthly food expenses at Kindness Ranch saving us approximately $1,800.00, and providing food for six to eight months (based upon number of animals at any given time).

All of the staff and fur-kids at Kindness Ranch are fur-ever grateful to and Halo Spots Stew for your support and generosity.

For more information about The Kindness Ranch: American Sanctuary for Research Animals , please contact us!

Dusty Finds Fur-Ever Home in South Dakota

Dusty-adopted-e1382149624109 Dusty was adopted on October 18, 2013!

Dusty, is a 5 year old beagle that came to Kindness Ranch in May. He had been in a drug equivalency study in a lab in Colorado. Shortly after Dusty’s arrival, he had to have surgery to remove a deformed toe, and he recovered fairly quickly.

He has now found his fur-ever home with Shiela from Black Hills, South Dakota. Dusty will now have 3 brothers, Lucus, Dakota and Baxter (two of which are other beagles!) and 3 cat friends, JV, Todder and Cody. Dusty’s new fur-mom is a rescue mom, all of her animals have been rescued from shelters or people relinquishing. One of her beagles was rescued two years ago, at 10 years of age.

Needless to say, Dusty is in good hands and we are very excited for him!

dusty dusty-333x250


Tractor Fundraiser Huge Success

tractor-500-300At Kindness Ranch, we do our best to stretch every dollar. All expenses are closely scrutinized, especially those that does not directly affect our sanctuary animals lives. That’s why the decision to buy another piece of tractor equipment took awhile.

Last winter, we were hit by feet of snow in a short amount of time. Our buildings are spread out over many acres; getting to our animals was a challenge. Our only tool was our tractor with a front loading bucket. Using this tool that was not designed for snow removal, it was a long, tedious process to clear a path for vehicles to get to our dogs, cats, horses, sheep and pigs. So Project Snow Blade was launched.

Advertising on our website, our Facebook page and a crowd-source funding site, we successfully raised enough money to purchase a used snow blade that is in excellent shape. It should serve us well and we’re better prepared for this winter and beyond.

Many thanks to all of you who sent donations for our “tractor fund” and helped Kindness Ranch purchase the tractor blade. A huge majority of our budget comes from supporters like you!
If you’d like to make a donation for our animals and our sanctuary necessities, please visit our donation page!

Barney & Jed’s Roadtrip to New Jersey

barney-500-281 A joyous and happy day for two of Kindness Ranch’s beagles!

Barney and Jed began their road trip to New Jersey this afternoon. Volunteers Cathy Schmidt and Michael Roemer from Peace 4 Paws, a non profit based out of New Jersey spent this week at Kindness Ranch. They volunteered with taking care of the animals, cleaning, walking and of course bonding with Barney & Jed for their upcoming road trip. Michael and Cathy are transporting the dogs to New Jersey on behalf of Peace 4 Paws, where they are preparing for a adoption and outreach event called PawsFest to be held on October 6th.

If you are in their local area, please stop by and support their event and say hello to Barney & Jed!

Peace 4 Paws has been a terrific partner with Kindness Ranch. Their volunteers are truly dedicated and have passion for the cause. All of the support and assistance has been truly appreciated! A special thanks to Cathy & Michael!

Both Barney & Jed are 5 years old, very social, affectionate, love their walks and playtime. They were both definite favorites at Kindness Ranch during their stay. It was with tears of joy and happiness for their futures, as we said goodbye and they drove down the gravel road heading for their new journey.

Safe travels to you all!

cathy dogs1 cathy dogs2 cathy jed cathy michael jedi loading-up

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