Kindness Ranch Kitty Paradise Fundraiser Needs Your Support!

0813-Stripe-1119-M We have great things happening at Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary this summer, and to start it off right, we are thrilled to announce the addition of a brand new Kitty Bunkhouse! This custom-designed yurt will be built from scratch to ensure a beautiful and enriching space for the cats as well as greater functionality for our staff.

The current Kitty Bunkhouse has served us well these past few years, but since the building was originally intended to be a housing unit, there are things that are not efficient or practical about it as a workspace. The new Bunkhouse will have more accessible work areas and more storage for staff and supply needs, making cleaning and caring for our cats that much easier. And of course, the living space will be full of cat-pleasing features, such as high perches, ramps and wide beams along the wall and above heads, plenty of windows to watch the world through, and other fun elements.

This project has been on our wish list for some time, and a generous donation made in early 2014 allowed us to make it a reality. We are very thankful to all those who have offered their monetary support so far, but the fundraising work is not done yet! There are many components to a project like this, and there is lot of work to be done before we can even put up our first wall. We plan to break ground in just a few short weeks and the cats are already packing their bags!

We are very excited and hope to have it done before our busy summer season, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

All of our supporters have the chance to get involved by donating to the construction fund and even receiving permanent recognition in the Bunkhouse at certain levels. For example, anyone giving a $250 donation will have their name engraved on a plaque that will hang in the building, and a $1000 donation earns an individual plaque in addition to a free overnight stay in one of our beautiful guest yurts. Of course, a project like this benefits from every dollar raised, and we appreciate any help you can give.

Check out our fundraising site here and help us make life even better for the cats at Kindness Ranch!



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Help Kindness Ranch Build New Kitty Bunkhouse

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Help Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary Build a New Kitty BunkhouseIt's time for us to build a dedicated kitty bunkhouse, designed and built specifically for our kitties. We average 20 kitties, they are currently in a building that was meant for temporary housing and was not setup specifically to accommodate kitties and all of their needs.

Kindness Ranch provides sanctuary to animals that are no longer being used in research laboratories. We are the only sanctuary in the U.S. that takes in all kinds of former research animals including; cats, dogs, horses, pigs and sheep.

Our goal is to build and create a kitty paradise in our new bunkhouse. We will be able to provide our kitty residents with the enrichment and space they deserve after living their lives in research facilities and before they find their fur-ever homes!

You can help enrich former research animals lives while they await the fur-ever homes! The deserve to be spoiled to the fullest extent possible!

Will you help make this kitty paradise happen?  


Spring is Here, Looking for Hiking Companions!

8 As you may know, we took in 19 large hound mixes at Kindness Ranch over the course of four weeks in January and February of this year. So far, five have been adopted through a rescue group in Denver, and five were adopted from the ranch. Two of them, Ella and Knowshon, are currently living in foster homes in the greater Denver area and waiting to find their forever families. The remaining seven are still available for adoption at Kindness Ranch and have settled in well. They are learning house manners, learning how to walk on leashes, spending lots of time playing - and of course, finding their big hound voices!

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To learn more about them you can see their pictures and read their bios on The Kindness Ranch webiste

Four Piggies Need a Ride!

new pigs 1 Remember the Hanford Pigs the "Lina Sisters" that came to Kindness Ranch in October, four of them have potential fur-ever homes in Florida and Connecticut, but we have had no luck finding transport for them. They have wonderful homes just waiting for a ride!

If you know of anyone that offers farm animal transport, please contact Executive Director, Tamra Brennan at 307-331-5441.

Appointments are REQUIRED in advance to visit Kindness Ranch. Please make appointments with minimum of 48 hours notice to ensure we will be able to accommodate your visit. Thank you!