Barney & Jed’s Roadtrip to New Jersey

barney-500-281 A joyous and happy day for two of Kindness Ranch’s beagles!

Barney and Jed began their road trip to New Jersey this afternoon. Volunteers Cathy Schmidt and Michael Roemer from Peace 4 Paws, a non profit based out of New Jersey spent this week at Kindness Ranch. They volunteered with taking care of the animals, cleaning, walking and of course bonding with Barney & Jed for their upcoming road trip. Michael and Cathy are transporting the dogs to New Jersey on behalf of Peace 4 Paws, where they are preparing for a adoption and outreach event called PawsFest to be held on October 6th.

If you are in their local area, please stop by and support their event and say hello to Barney & Jed!

Peace 4 Paws has been a terrific partner with Kindness Ranch. Their volunteers are truly dedicated and have passion for the cause. All of the support and assistance has been truly appreciated! A special thanks to Cathy & Michael!

Both Barney & Jed are 5 years old, very social, affectionate, love their walks and playtime. They were both definite favorites at Kindness Ranch during their stay. It was with tears of joy and happiness for their futures, as we said goodbye and they drove down the gravel road heading for their new journey.

Safe travels to you all!

cathy dogs1 cathy dogs2 cathy jed cathy michael jedi loading-up

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