Five New Beagles Come to Kindness Ranch

5 new beagles waiting to leave their kennel and experience freedom! Kindness Ranch has 5 new beagles! We picked up 5 male beagles this week from a lab in Colorado. All of the beagles have lived in the lab most of their lives and were in a PK study (Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies, PK studies are used to test human drugs in dogs to determine how fast the drug is absorbed.) They are all 8 years old, adorable, very social and love attention! They had a great time exploring, checking things out, greeting their new friends and loving the attention, oh yea and being lap dogs! These boys are definitely anxious for their fur-ever homes!
We are thrilled to introduce to you Gordon, Gandondorf, Forge, Tulo and Gouda!



Gordon & Forge debating on leaving kennel Meet Gordon Meet Gandonorf Meet Tulo Meet Forge