A second chance and forever home

Your generosity and support provide former research animals with a second chance, sanctuary and a forever home

We have had many wonderful things happening this year for the former research animals at Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary. Generous supporters such as yourself, allow us to continue our mission of providing sanctuary to former research animals. We couldn't do this without your help; you make this happen! Your donations in 2015 helped to provide sanctuary for: 

  • Fifty dogs and cats released to us from the lab.
  • Forty-four former research animals found their happily ever after in forever homes.
  • Six former research horses saved directly from a slaughter truck that within hours was heading to Mexico. The mares are now known as the Kindness Angels and have plenty of space to roam and most important of all - their forever freedom.
  • Three former research dairy cows now have a thousand acres to graze alongside their horse friends. 
Your contributions allowed us to complete over $40,000.00 of needed improvements to benefit our animals including: 
  • New and expanded fencing for the dog enclosures at Dogs 1 & 2. 
  • Old wooden horse shelters were replaced with new larger shelters. Replaced all the old wooden corrals with new metal corral panels. 
  • Expanded pig area and installed new shelters for our pigs
KITTY BUNKHOUSE Another improvement in this last year includes building a new kitty bunkhouse. It is a paradise with lots of room, ladders to climb on, and, of course, loads of toys. The Kitty Paradise was built with the help of our incredible and very dedicated contributors. At any given time, Kindness Ranch provides sanctuary to over sixty former research animals including dogs, cats, horses, pigs, sheep, and cows. The monthly expenses to care for this many animals with supplying food, vet and general care is upwards of $3,200.00 per month. Dogs-$1,000 Cats-$500 Pigs-$600 Horses-$1050. 
Please make a year-end donation today to help support the former research animals of Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary. 

$100.00 supports all of our animals for a day
$35.00 supports the dogs or horses for a day
$20.00 supports the pigs for a day

$17.00 supports the cats for a day