Success Stories in 2014 for Former Research Animals

joey1 With your help, Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary had a record year in 2014 with 78 intakes and 54 adoptions of former research animals. In January we took in 19 large hounds, what a adventure! We took in 4 ferrets for the first time ever, they went straight into a foster home in Colorado. 

62 dogs and 16 cats were released from research labs, and 39 dogs and 15 catsfound their forever homes with people that opened their hearts to some amazing animals such as Snip, Mollie, Oliver and Todd, Penny, Bingley, Atlas, Gordon, Gracie Noelle, Baretta, Stretch, Kramer, Peaches, Jane and Austin and Ming-Ming, just to name a few! 

We also became a Petco adoption partner to help adopt our kitties, participating in adoption events in Cheyenne, WY.  

Several volunteers visited us this summer and left with dogs or cats, Ed & Dee from Ohio stopped to visit for a couple days on a trip to the west coast, on the way back to Ohio they detoured to Wyoming (a long detour!) to adopt Peaches, a cat they bonded with during their visit and couldn't stop thinking about. 

Penny a 13 year old coon hound mix became a companion dog for a veterans with PTSD.

Brothers Todd & Oliver were gratefully adopted together, which was a dream come true. 

Mollie found her forever home with Darrin, a long term volunteer. The third time was a charm! 

Baretta the kitty was a five year resident of Kindness Ranch and finally found the purfect home! 

Our kitties also ended the year moving into their brand new kitty paradise building, thanks to our amazing donors that helped us make it happen! 

We couldn't continue our mission to help former research animals without our truly amazing contributors, supporters, adopters, fosters, volunteers and staff! 

Thank you for special and very rewarding 2014!