Former Research Cats Move Into New Kitty Paradise

It is finally moving day, after months of building and completing Kitty Paradise just in time for the Holidays! 

What a lucky day for our 17 resident kitties at Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary!  The long anticipated wait is over. The kitties have been anxiously awaiting and hearing for months about Kitty Paradise with their new toys, cat trees, climbing gym, shelves, ramps and extra space they will have all thanks to all of our amazing donors that helped make this happen! 

The morning began, business as usual with cleaning and feeding (so the kitties thought anyway!) Little did they know, it was moving day!  Animal Companion Manager, Stephanie Bilbro and Animal Caretaker Mary Miles, quietly began to bring out kennels and of course some of our more curious kitties jumped right inside to explore them. Bianca decided that she wanted to go last, she is generally very shy and leery of new things and people. With positive encouragement and extra sweet talking and patience, Bianca decided to join her friends and head to Kitty Paradise. 

The day went amazingly smooth and the cats seemed to agree! All 17 cats were brought inside their new home and gradually released inside. Of course you know Willie and Chester, they had to be the first to explore every inch and make sure it had their stamp of approval! Dr M., Blacky, Bronte, Boots, George, Skip, Smoke, Stripe, Toby, Tiger were all not far behind. It didn't take them long to start jumping on their new ladders and shelves and exploring all their new toys! Bianca was a little unsure about her new surroundings so Dottie, Corie, Zoe and Baloo are keeping her company in the isolation room for a day or so to help them adapt slowly into their new environment. Don't worry, they have a window that looks into the main room, so they can keep track of all their friends. In the next couple days, they will be slowly introduced into the main area. Within a few days, after everyone has settled down into their new home, they will be introduced to the outside playground with all new surroundings to observe! 

Our staff did a amazing job getting Kitty Paradise ready for today, after the building construction wrapped up, our Ranch Manager Craig Boyd began 
building the fencing, bringing logs and rocks in to jump and play on and completed some finish work, meanwhile animal caretakers Sara Sansburn, Mary Miles, Krisitne Keller, Animal Companion Manger Stephanie Bilbro and Executive Director Tamra Brennan began interior cleaning, stocking and moving things in!  We could not have completed this project if it wasn't for the tremendous response we had with our fundraising campaign. Your contributions both large and small helped make this happen!  We would also like to thank our friend Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy for his consultation, guidance and support before the big move! Your input is greatly appreciated!  Our staff and all the kitties at Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary send you a HUGE THANK YOU! 

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