Creates Piggy Play Land Fundraiser

Help Us Build Piggy Playland! 

crazy pig Help build an enclosure and provide enrichment for pigs in need.

Kindness Ranch, located in Wyoming, took in 6 Hanford pigs in September 2013. All six are now living together and have been given the nickname "Lina Sisters". These pigs had been used as former research animals in pharmacokinetics research. They are now able to run free for the first time in their lives. The hanford pigs were a breed created for laboratory use in 1958.

Your donation will help improve and update the pigs' enclosure and provide an enrichment program. These pigs are young and love to play, but they are in need of a larger space filled with toys and structures to keep them busy. These pigs are currently 90 lbs and when full grown are expected to be 180 lbs. The enclosure is essential to both their health and well-being.

You can help. Just a $10.00 Donation will help Kindness Ranch build a better enclosure and provide enrichment for the pigs.

To Donate, please visit the fundraiser page, click here to donate now!