Help Kindness Ranch Build New Kitty Bunkhouse

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Help Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary Build a New Kitty BunkhouseIt's time for us to build a dedicated kitty bunkhouse, designed and built specifically for our kitties. We average 20 kitties, they are currently in a building that was meant for temporary housing and was not setup specifically to accommodate kitties and all of their needs.

Kindness Ranch provides sanctuary to animals that are no longer being used in research laboratories. We are the only sanctuary in the U.S. that takes in all kinds of former research animals including; cats, dogs, horses, pigs and sheep.

Our goal is to build and create a kitty paradise in our new bunkhouse. We will be able to provide our kitty residents with the enrichment and space they deserve after living their lives in research facilities and before they find their fur-ever homes!

You can help enrich former research animals lives while they await the fur-ever homes! The deserve to be spoiled to the fullest extent possible!

Will you help make this kitty paradise happen?