Todd and Oliver find fur-ever home together!

todd and oliver adoption It already feels like they've been a part of our family forever! We had neighborhood children here yesterday and today getting to know Todd and Oliver. One little friend even made them homemade treats! They seem to love the fenced yard.......running and playing. They crawled into their beds last night and snuggled right in. They have a gel base, so it makes it really comfortable for any sort of bone, joint pain. They almost completely ignore our nine kitties..... I've done this sort of integration many times and this time is by far the easiest. They aren't sleeping together (yet!), but they are getting along well. Thank you once again for making this adoption so painless and for helping us to adopt two of the sweetest and most loveable dogs EVER. We will do everything in our power to give them a happy life filled with love. Stephanie, Kindness Ranch, and all of it's residents are blessed to have you.