The Amazing Transition of "Rica"

ricki leash Ricki, a 2 ½ year old beagle came to Kindness Ranch July 2013, having spent most of her life in a research lab in Colorado, she was used to test human drugs. 
She was extremely skittish, hiding in the back of her kennel to avoid new human interaction. After a month, she began warming up and initiating play, becoming a little goofball.  
In many cases, when dogs come to Kindness Ranch, they have never been outside, walked on grass, played with other dogs or toys, or went on a walk. Generally, their lives are spent in a sterile lab environment.
Apart of our animal rehab program, consists of gradually acclimating dogs to new situations, teaching them how to walk on a leash, and most of all just be a dog! Ricki was definitely a challenging case, she wanted no part of walking on a leash. We continued to be patient, working with her slowly, she finally decided it wasn’t so bad, although still leery. 
After a couple months of being at Kindness Ranch, we decided it was best for her to venture outside of remote Wyoming, to gain more exposure to new things. She was fostered by foster mom Kendrick in Denver, then by Kate in N. Colorado. She was adopted twice, unfortunately relinquished both times due to her shyness. 
The story is amazing after round two! You guessed it, third time WAS a charm! She went to foster mom Kate’s friend, Katie in N. Colorado area, she was interested in “fostering.” Katie had a beagle named Cherry that came from Kindness Ranch, and a dog named Katrina, rescued from Hurricane Katrina. So, as the story goes, her first night she slept under the bed, next night in a crate near the bed, the third night, she was snuggling in the bed! Everything clicked into place, Ricki immediately bonded with her foster mom, and from there it’s history in the making for our goofy little beagle. The foster quickly merged into adopting, she became “Rica.” After five days, the following email was received from Kate that brought grins from ear to ear, along with tears of joy to the staff: “Yesterday we went for a walk in a wilderness area with her three dogs and my setter mix, and they all ended out off-leash and having a blast! We got to the end and realized Rica's leash had fallen out of Katie's pocket, so we headed back on the trail to find it. Next thing we know, Rica is scooping something up and walking toward us. Hooray, she found it! She has such fun puppy-like playful qualities that are coming out of this shy 2.5 year old lab beagle!
rica tungsten Within three weeks, she went from being shy, afraid of people she didn’t know, leery of the leash and walks, leading to two failed adoptions, to sleeping in bed and walking off leash in less than a week. This is truly a success story, a perfect match and “Rica’s” FUR-EVER home. 
Horay for Rica! We are so proud of you and how far you have come! Enjoy your walks and don't forget your leash! :)