Sixth Pig Comes to Kindness Ranch

Casper  Javelina In September, five one year old Hanford pigs came to Kindness Ranch and are running free for the first time. They were long awaited, it took several months before we could get them out of the lab. It was quite the adventure upon their arrival, as they had never all been together previously. The lab had six pigs in this PK Study, one was originally scheduled for a terminal study. Gratefully, that wasn't necessary and we were able to immediately pickup the remaining pig and bring her to Kindness Ranch. 

All six pigs are successfully living together now, and are known as a "Lina Sisters." including Javlina, Rascalina, Rumballina, Vandelina, Babelina and Greedeelina.

Since their arrival Ranch Manager, David Sleeper has been socializing them. Hanford pigs are very smart and trainable. Javalina and Babelina will walk on a leash, on trails, play with dogs and even go for rides in the pickup. 

Even though they are really enjoying their new life and exploring at Kindness Ranch, they are ready for adoption and finding their fur-ever homes. They are currently approx 90 lbs and when full grown expected to be approx 180 lbs. 

They would love to live on your small farm, ranch or house in the country and have dogs or other animals to interact with. 

Appointments are REQUIRED in advance to visit Kindness Ranch. Please make appointments with minimum of 48 hours notice to ensure we will be able to accommodate your visit. Thank you!