Dusty Finds Fur-Ever Home in South Dakota

Dusty-adopted-e1382149624109 Dusty was adopted on October 18, 2013!

Dusty, is a 5 year old beagle that came to Kindness Ranch in May. He had been in a drug equivalency study in a lab in Colorado. Shortly after Dusty’s arrival, he had to have surgery to remove a deformed toe, and he recovered fairly quickly.

He has now found his fur-ever home with Shiela from Black Hills, South Dakota. Dusty will now have 3 brothers, Lucus, Dakota and Baxter (two of which are other beagles!) and 3 cat friends, JV, Todder and Cody. Dusty’s new fur-mom is a rescue mom, all of her animals have been rescued from shelters or people relinquishing. One of her beagles was rescued two years ago, at 10 years of age.

Needless to say, Dusty is in good hands and we are very excited for him!

dusty dusty-333x250